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2014 02 15 Countryfest BADPC





Zusammenschnitt von 15LD

Askin Question, Brotherhood, Caught in the Act, Cotten Pickin´Morning, Crazy Foot Mambo, Dasiy Jane, Devils Shadow, Down the Road, Good Start, Skiffle Times, Better Times, Ay Ay Ay, Baby Kisses, Break Away, Cheerleader





Zusammenschnitt von 09 LD

Till the love runs out, 16 Bars, Harlem Blues, Smile & Beers & Country, Smoky Bar, Girls gone Wild, Old 97, Jägermeister, 





Zusammenschnitt von 15 LD

Af en Af, Just add Moonlight, Mama Lou, Alabama Boy, Foolish Heart, H-Stein, Intern. Harvester, KMO, Lightning Polka, Little Bitty, Little red Book, Not Fair, Old River, Whiskey´s Gone, Under Love




Zusammenschnitt von 14 LD

Befor the Devil, Black Coffee, Buttermilk, Chattahoochee Hustler, Country Mill, Cowboy Yoddle Song, Fearless Mam, Get Ready, Jailhouse Creol, Muntsa, Purr Kitty, Southern Delight, Telepathy, Ten Rounds





Zusammenschnitt von 18 LD

Boyou City Twist, Cowboy Charleston, Crazy People, Good Riddance, Hallelujah, Homeward Bound, Amazing Grace, Little withe Church, Lost in me, My blue Jeans, Rock Paper Scissors, Rockabilly Rebel, Sheriff on Fire, Simplemente, Steppin´out, Truck a Truck, Wish you, Jacket Joe





Zusammenschnitt von 18 LD

Bob the B, Just a Minute, Mr. Mom, Rosa a Lee, 8 Balls, Blazon Stone, Do you love me, Jambalaya, Just Wright, Mary Mary, Good Hearted Women, Sweet and Wilds, Got to be Funky langsam, Got to be Funky schnell, Hot and Cold, Slapp´n Leather, The Blarney Rose





Zusammenschnitt von 14 LD

AllDay Long, Bad Moon on the Rise, Bosa Nova, Chica Boom Boom, Chill Factor, Footloose, Hearts and Flowers, Honky Tonk Twist, Lousiana Kick, Shotgun House, Stich it up, The Same Way, Where the Wind blow, Zjozzys Funk





Zusammenschnitt von 14 LD

A night like this, Anitery Grooves, Country 2 Step, Duelling Dance, Cowgirl Twist, Drinking Alone, Firestorm, Galway Girl, If i said.., Irish Stew, Love Trick, My new Life, Rio, Shoutgan House, Something in the Water, Trail




2016 06 26

verschiedene Tanzgruppen ..Donauinselfest -Countrybühne





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